Three Key Benefits Of Using The Facebook Power Editor

When it comes to business, reaching out to customers is one of the most important things to do .Customers are the cornerstone of any establishment, and you have to employ all means possible to communicate with and get hold of prospects. However, this is not something that comes easy; you have to be tactful and persistent to drive interest in the targeted audience. Social media tools such as the Facebook Power Editor can help you handle this successfully.

Facebook Power Editor –What is it?

The Facebook Power Editor is a tool that enables you to create and manage digital marketing campaigns effectively. With this tool, developing ads on Facebook becomes much easier, and you get features that you wouldn’t find in a standard ad manager on Facebook. However, before installing it, you have to ensure that your browser is compatible so that you are confident to enjoy the full benefits. So, what gains can you get from using a Facebook Power Editor? Here are three ways on how this tool can help you:

1. Mobile Targeting and Better Control on Ad Placement

A Facebook Power Editor helps you take better charge of ad placement, considering the fact that you can target the ad to appear either in news feed, desktop newsfeed, mobile news feed or all the placements. If you wish to narrow your target, you can even choose the exact type of device where you wish your ad to appear. For instance, if you are targeting mobile users, you can decide to be more specific on this, and only work with iPhones. This means you can single out placements that are giving you the highest gains and subsequently invest more on them.

2. Bulk Editing

The Facebook Power Editor comes with features that allow better ad management. For example, if you produce a campaign with four ads and have three countries as your target, but wish to change this later to only incorporate one country, you can go to one of the ads, adjust the targeting, and the changes will apply to the other ads as well. This can help you save a great deal of time in managing your Facebook ads.

3. Optimized Ad Bidding

The power editor has a feature known as conversion specs which is not accessible in the self-serve ad tool. In using this feature, you can bid based on cost per click (CPC), cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM), or Optimized CPM. Other than that, the editor also allows you to set up your bids to exploit clicks, social, reach and actions. The conversion specs can be default, or you can set them up in person. Regardless of such factors, your ads are set to get you more likes by default, and if you are promoting a post, they will help you maximize on customer engagement.

In addition to general posts, the tool also enables you to optimize photo views, links, post shares and video comments. So, if you wish to get the most out of digital marketing, employing the Facebook Power Editor is certainly a smart idea.

How do you get people’s attention online?

Everybody is online, from businesses and artists, to consumers and fans – so how can you start to stand out enough to get people’s attention online? Flat Rate IT Support for businesses has made it that much easier.  There are a lot of tricks you can use, but there are some tried and true methods that will put you ahead of the pack. Remember – all of these only work if you have good SEO to get yourself in front of people in the first place.

The sliders and carousels

The use of sliders and carousels in sites has gotten so prevalent that many people automatically look to the common corners for the “skip intro” button. Both can be excellent attention getters, but it is easy to overdo them. If you have a furniture warehouse, you better have a ID tracking system so your visitor doesn’t have wait for a slider to load every time they visit. The only time this is OK is if that slider is always new and different.

Polls and Surveys

Polls and surveys can be an excellent way to get people’s attention. If you create them so they can be shared, it can also give you more insight into where your prospects go, and who they interact with. The goal with both of them is to capture people’s imagination – don’t make it about you; you want their information. Make it appeal to the person and you will have their attention.

Dipping your toe into viral waters

If you really want to get people’s attention, you can stage a viral video. There are a lot of guides online on how to do it – but the real trick is having good luck – and a really good sense of what will push people’s buttons. Like the Domino’s viral ad about the girl pitching a fit over getting the wrong color car for her birthday – that ad was designed to push buttons. What made it work as a viral ad was releasing it in the right place and the right time.

Campaigns and ads

Campaigns and digital marketing can either deliver amazing results, or drain your budget in a heartbeat with nothing to show for it. They can be used effectively to get people’s attention if you learn how to construct the campaigns well. It goes beyond just an image and a catchphrase; you have to understand when the people you need to see the ad are going to be online, and where they will be. Go to your analytics first and a winnipeg marketing company, before you start designing anything.

Understanding The Use Of Google Keyword Planer

Most people relied immensely on Google adwords keyword tool for finding out the local and global searches for the keyword. However, this tool has been replaced with the new Google keyword planner which is essentially a combination of the keyword tool and traffic estimator. There are significant changes in this form of keyword planner and following are the points that you need to know before you can extract the maximum benefits.

1- You Must Login

One of the changes to this tool is the mandatory login option. You need to have a Google adwords account for the sake of accessing the tool. Gone are the days, when you could quickly get a snapshot of the keyword you were targeting. In this new tool, you need to first login to your adwords account. Only then you will be able to access the details.

2- Both Advertisers And Non Advertisers Can Benefit

The new tool primarily targets advertisers as you can find a tab called ad group ideas. This is the tab that turns up by default. If you are looking to engage in paid advertising methods, it is this ad word idea that will give you a snapshot of the targeted keywords which you must choose. You can also access links like cost per click data, keyword volume and so on.

For non-advertisers, who are using the tool for search engine optimization process, you need to hover to the tab called keyword ideas. Sadly enough, the local searches and global searches has been replaced by average monthly searches.

Long Tail Keyword Search

A lot of people believe that is LSI keywords that can truly help you rank on the top pages. There is a tab called “Include/exclude”. You can put in keywords like “what”, “when”, “how” in the “include/exclude” section and then punch the desired keyword in the main “word or phrase” section. This will return long tailed keywords that you can target for your site.

Local Searching

You have the option of putting in the country or a region when you are hunting for keyword and traffic. When you put in your local pace, the result that will be generated will cater specifically to your area. This will come in handy in finding local keywords that you must target.

Multiple Keywords

One of the best features of this tool has to be the option of multiple keywords. You can select multiple keywords and then get a new list generated based on both the keywords that you have put. This is the best feature for all those who are looking to target multiple keywords at the same time.

The results that are fetched are provided after huge extensive calculations. The new keyword tool is so designed that people cannot manipulate the keywords that bring them traffic and provide low quality content and still stay on the top of search engines. So, using the new Google keyword planner is not rocket science, but it offers endless opportunities. Explore the ideas, tips and tricks and get the best out of it.seo experts

Google Penguin What It Is and How It Works

All the updates by Google are thematic. Every change to the search engine algorithm is done with the goal of serving up to people better and more relevant results when they search for information at Google. All websites what to get on top or on the first page of internet search results by Google because the potential clients or target customers will not find them easily if they are ranked lowly.

google penguin updateAt the early times during rise of Google, SEO experts managed to figure out the algorithms that Google applied to get websites ranked highly and literally abused it. For instances, Google, by then used to rank highly articles or websites that had many links to it, SEO experts created many artificial links to website to get them ranked highly.

Within short period of time, Google internet search results were filed with spam and garbage. Sites with good, original content were ranked lowly to those that had copied or rewritten their content. This created many problems for Google and it had to find solution. First, it developed Google Panda and released it in February 2011, and then Google Penguin, which was released in April 2012.

So, what is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin, or Google penguin as it is popular known, is a Google algorithm code name update which for the first time was announced in April 2012. The aim of this update is to decrease the ranking of search results rankings of those websites which attempt to get higher rankings in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. It detects the websites that use what is known as ‘black-hat SEO techniques’ to artificially increase web page ranking through the manipulation of the links that point to the page.

How does Google Penguin work?

Nobody knows for sure how Google Penguin works. If people discover exactly the algorithms that Google applies to get websites ranked highly then, SEO Company and website owners will try to fool the system to get their websites ranked highly.

Experts at Executive SEO Inc. tell us that how Google Penguin works is a TOP SECRET – Google will not let any one know soon. Now that it has learned what people can do to have their websites ranked highly, when its algorithm of ranking websites in the past was discovered, it keeps updating the Google Penguin algorithm from time to time. It is only the website with top notch content, the meets the Google’s complex ranking system, which will get ranked highly.

Another reason why you would know exactly how Google Penguin works soon is that, Google, being the leading internet search engine will not let the secrets of its rankings known to its competitors such as Bing. Ideally, all the internet search engines encourage website owners to produce content of the highest quality if they are to get ranked on top, or highly in the search results.

Executive SEO Inc. are the top company to hire for SEO and search optimization.

Using Social Media to build business

The most significant trend in human interaction over the past twenty years has been the development of social media. It has been the goal of every business to figure out how to best capitalize on this trend to create a steadier business. All small businesses should be seeking to find ways to use social media to build their business and make more money. However it isn’t as easy as simply placing an advertisement on your Facebook page to attract customers. There has to be a perceived value given in order to attract new customers.

Providing Perceived Value

IT companies like Shift IT do IT Support Toronto. They are the Top Toronto IT company to hire. The social media experience for most people is a time to connect with friends and like minded people so that they know they are not alone in the universe. That is where most marketers fail, by offering people to like their page and then immediately flooding it with offers from their latest sale. This is not what people will respond to. There needs to be a presentation that provides value. If you are an outdoor clothing company, then you should provide links, advice and comments that are going to be relevant to those individuals who buy your stuff. The value of the information will attract more followers.


You Control the Content

Even though you should offer information provided by all sources on your Facebook page and Twitter feeds, you should have a blog or website to publish your own information on. The real value of this is that if you write and publish a valued article, you can populate it with your advertisements and deals and those will be accepted by readers. If your content is powerful enough then people will share it and it could even go viral. The idea is to produce value and share it through your social media channels to help others.

Google Hummingbird Update

Google threw itself a 15th birthday party and surprised the guests with the announcement of its gift, the biggest update to their search algorithm in years – the Hummingbird update. Given the impact of their other updates on SEO and ranking of websites, it is understandable that the arrival of the Google Hummingbird update is causing a lot of concern. When you begin to understand what the Hummingbird update really is, every website owner should be celebrating right along with Google about its existence.hummingbird

In the past

Past Google updates, most notably Panda, were the equivalent of a stun grenade being thrown into a crowd of dancers when it came to its effect on how marketers handled SEO. Panda saw the downgrading of the keyword in priority within the search algorithm that caused a greater emphasis to be placed on content. The upgrade included specifications to detect occurrence and grammar instances to allow Google to weed out keyword stacking and move websites with current and viable content to the top of their ranking lists. The announcement that the Google Hummingbird update has the ability to understand context and relationships has led people to wonder if all the old SEO is now made obsolete.

Don’t worry about the SEO

Hummingbird isn’t about keywords or SEO, it’s about user interfacing. This should be a relief to all website owners. If you have good and current content that is accurately marked up for SEO, you can only benefit from SEO. In fact, if you have multiple sites, you stand to be at an advantage. Hummingbird is focused on understanding the intent of a single user’s pattern of searches to return the most applicable search information. If your websites are pattern to promote a content inter-dependency, you will come out on top. Transparent Solutions will help with tech questions as an IT Company.

Content remains king

The Google Hummingbird update makes content even more important in SEO. The Hummingbird is flitting from site to site to be able to gather the best information to answer a series of related queries from a user. With its ability to understand a chain of references from the specific to the abstract, Hummingbird will be able to return more targeted information. For content, that means the better written it is, the more it will connect to other topics. Labeling and keywords that can cover the specific and abstract will also become important.

How to feed the Hummingbird

The best way to maximize the SEO for the Google Hummingbird update is to continue with current and meaningful SEO. The better the content, the better the results. With Hummingbird, the emphasis on quality of content will continue to rise. Having targeted and in depth content will help as well as fuller explanations of topics will build a deeper relationship within the query pattern the Hummingbird seeks.

Keyword Planner Vs. Keyword Tool – Which Is The Better Option?

Ever since the new Google AdWords keyword planner has replaced the old keyword tool, there has been a lot of buzz among people. There have been a lot of comparisons as people have been pitching both these tools against one another to ascertain which one is better.
There are few changes that are significant in these two tools and observing them will give you a better snapshot of how much has really changed in this new tool by Google.

Exact Searching

The keyword tool had three different options for searching keywords as you could choose “broad”, “exact” and even “phrase” category when looking for keyword ideas. However, in the new keyword planner, the other options have been removed and you only get the “exact” results. This should not have a huge bearing because SEO experts always emphasizes on the use of exact keywords.

Searches Count

This is one point where users have been complaining about the changes. Previously, the keyword tool showed the local monthly as well as the global searches. However, in this new tool, both the columns have been merged together and you have a single column titled average monthly searches. It combines searches that are made from desktop and even mobile devices. Hence, the number of searches that are listed is definitely higher. Previously, the searches listed only searching done using desktop and laptop devices and didn’t include mobile searches.

Selective Searching

Many a times, users find the need to target the local region because it improves their odd of getting traffic that could convert into sales. Although, you could filter the keywords on the basis of both country and language in the keyword tool, yet there are larger options in the keyword planner. You can pitch in specific regions and even cities and see the results that are specific to the same. You also have the option of generating multiple keywords as you can combine a list of multiple keywords and get long tailed keywords with its help too.keyword planner tool

Hence, despite the hue and cry, it looks likely that the keyword planner is a definite improvement over the keyword tool. Although, it was easier to use and understand, yet the keyword planner brings in larger options and once you get a hang of the same, you will be able to reap a lot of dividends from it.

Even those who are looking to opt for paid advertisements and want to extract the best out of the investments they have made can get a lot of details with the keyword planner. In short, the keyword planner combines the features of the keyword tool and traffic estimator and is sure to help both the advertisers as well as non advertisers.

Explore the details before passing a judgment. The longer you use the keyword planner, the higher the odds that you are going to like it.

What to look for in SEO Companies

If you are looking to hire someone to handle your SEO, you have to know what to look for in SEO companies in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, many people have dubbed themselves “SEO consultants” who know less than you do about the process. SEO companies handle more than keyword assignation; there is a multi-tiered approach to SEO and an analysis component that they need to provide in order to benefit your business.

About Keywords

The use of keywords is still important in SEO, but not nearly as important as it was a decade ago. The changes in Google’s search algorithms have removed much of the power of keywords, but they are still important. Good SEO companies will talk about targeting niche keywords while maximizing the relational context of content. Bad SEO companies will want to push you towards a keyword centric optimization of content and pay-per-keyword registration that was the way to go about SEO back in the 80s but is a waste of resources today. One way you can check to see how well the SEO companies know the current role of keywords is to ask how they plan to integrate yours into the Hummingbird update. If they don’t have an answer, or worse, they tell you it doesn’t apply – find another company.

Do they understand how site architecture works with SEO?

If any of the SEO companies you are considering offer you less than a full presentation on how they will maximize the architecture of your site for SEO, it is another reason to cross them off the list. The way the pages in your site inter-relate is exceedingly important in how they are read and ranked by search engines and robots. You want to make sure that the SEO companies you are looking at have a solid knowledge of the backend of SEO functionality.winnipeg seo companies

The Linking Connection

You should also be hearing about off-site optimization in the presentations you are getting from potential SEO companies. Off-site linking is critical to ranking and yet is one of the most mis-handled SEO elements. Google places a lot of weight on judging if the link backs are valid or not in context of your site. Having someone promise to post your link in a million blog comments a day is a good way to get blackballed by many search engines for padding. The key element to off-site optimization is the demonstrated relationships the SEO companies already have in place. They should be able to show you a portfolio of sites that are connected and offer to put you in contact with the owners as verification and reference for their work.