When it comes to business, reaching out to customers is one of the most important things to do .Customers are the cornerstone of any establishment, and you have to employ all means possible to communicate with and get hold of prospects. However, this is not something that comes easy; you have to be tactful and persistent to drive interest in the targeted audience. Social media tools such as the Facebook Power Editor can help you handle this successfully.

Facebook Power Editor –What is it?

The Facebook Power Editor is a tool that enables you to create and manage digital marketing campaigns effectively. With this tool, developing ads on Facebook becomes much easier, and you get features that you wouldn’t find in a standard ad manager on Facebook. However, before installing it, you have to ensure that your browser is compatible so that you are confident to enjoy the full benefits. So, what gains can you get from using a Facebook Power Editor? Here are three ways on how this tool can help you:

1. Mobile Targeting and Better Control on Ad Placement

A Facebook Power Editor helps you take better charge of ad placement, considering the fact that you can target the ad to appear either in news feed, desktop newsfeed, mobile news feed or all the placements. If you wish to narrow your target, you can even choose the exact type of device where you wish your ad to appear. For instance, if you are targeting mobile users, you can decide to be more specific on this, and only work with iPhones. This means you can single out placements that are giving you the highest gains and subsequently invest more on them.

2. Bulk Editing

The Facebook Power Editor comes with features that allow better ad management. For example, if you produce a campaign with four ads and have three countries as your target, but wish to change this later to only incorporate one country, you can go to one of the ads, adjust the targeting, and the changes will apply to the other ads as well. This can help you save a great deal of time in managing your Facebook ads.

3. Optimized Ad Bidding

The power editor has a feature known as conversion specs which is not accessible in the self-serve ad tool. In using this feature, you can bid based on cost per click (CPC), cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM), or Optimized CPM. Other than that, the editor also allows you to set up your bids to exploit clicks, social, reach and actions. The conversion specs can be default, or you can set them up in person. Regardless of such factors, your ads are set to get you more likes by default, and if you are promoting a post, they will help you maximize on customer engagement.

In addition to general posts, the tool also enables you to optimize photo views, links, post shares and video comments. So, if you wish to get the most out of digital marketing, employing the Facebook Power Editor is certainly a smart idea.