Ever since the new Google AdWords keyword planner has replaced the old keyword tool, there has been a lot of buzz among people. There have been a lot of comparisons as people have been pitching both these tools against one another to ascertain which one is better.
There are few changes that are significant in these two tools and observing them will give you a better snapshot of how much has really changed in this new tool by Google.

Exact Searching

The keyword tool had three different options for searching keywords as you could choose “broad”, “exact” and even “phrase” category when looking for keyword ideas. However, in the new keyword planner, the other options have been removed and you only get the “exact” results. This should not have a huge bearing because SEO experts always emphasizes on the use of exact keywords.

Searches Count

This is one point where users have been complaining about the changes. Previously, the keyword tool showed the local monthly as well as the global searches. However, in this new tool, both the columns have been merged together and you have a single column titled average monthly searches. It combines searches that are made from desktop and even mobile devices. Hence, the number of searches that are listed is definitely higher. Previously, the searches listed only searching done using desktop and laptop devices and didn’t include mobile searches.

Selective Searching

Many a times, users find the need to target the local region because it improves their odd of getting traffic that could convert into sales. Although, you could filter the keywords on the basis of both country and language in the keyword tool, yet there are larger options in the keyword planner. You can pitch in specific regions and even cities and see the results that are specific to the same. You also have the option of generating multiple keywords as you can combine a list of multiple keywords and get long tailed keywords with its help too.keyword planner tool

Hence, despite the hue and cry, it looks likely that the keyword planner is a definite improvement over the keyword tool. Although, it was easier to use and understand, yet the keyword planner brings in larger options and once you get a hang of the same, you will be able to reap a lot of dividends from it.

Even those who are looking to opt for paid advertisements and want to extract the best out of the investments they have made can get a lot of details with the keyword planner. In short, the keyword planner combines the features of the keyword tool and traffic estimator and is sure to help both the advertisers as well as non advertisers.

Explore the details before passing a judgment. The longer you use the keyword planner, the higher the odds that you are going to like it.