Understanding The Use Of Google Keyword Planer

Most people relied immensely on Google adwords keyword tool for finding out the local and global searches for the keyword. However, this tool has been replaced with the new Google keyword planner which is essentially a combination of the keyword tool and traffic estimator. There are significant changes in this form of keyword planner and following are the points that you need to know before you can extract the maximum benefits.

1- You Must Login

One of the changes to this tool is the mandatory login option. You need to have a Google adwords account for the sake of accessing the tool. Gone are the days, when you could quickly get a snapshot of the keyword you were targeting. In this new tool, you need to first login to your adwords account. Only then you will be able to access the details.

2- Both Advertisers And Non Advertisers Can Benefit

The new tool primarily targets advertisers as you can find a tab called ad group ideas. This is the tab that turns up by default. If you are looking to engage in paid advertising methods, it is this ad word idea that will give you a snapshot of the targeted keywords which you must choose. You can also access links like cost per click data, keyword volume and so on.

For non-advertisers, who are using the tool for search engine optimization process, you need to hover to the tab called keyword ideas. Sadly enough, the local searches and global searches has been replaced by average monthly searches.

Long Tail Keyword Search

A lot of people believe that is LSI keywords that can truly help you rank on the top pages. There is a tab called “Include/exclude”. You can put in keywords like “what”, “when”, “how” in the “include/exclude” section and then punch the desired keyword in the main “word or phrase” section. This will return long tailed keywords that you can target for your site.

Local Searching

You have the option of putting in the country or a region when you are hunting for keyword and traffic. When you put in your local pace, the result that will be generated will cater specifically to your area. This will come in handy in finding local keywords that you must target.

Multiple Keywords

One of the best features of this tool has to be the option of multiple keywords. You can select multiple keywords and then get a new list generated based on both the keywords that you have put. This is the best feature for all those who are looking to target multiple keywords at the same time.

The results that are fetched are provided after huge extensive calculations. The new keyword tool is so designed that people cannot manipulate the keywords that bring them traffic and provide low quality content and still stay on the top of search engines. So, using the new Google keyword planner is not rocket science, but it offers endless opportunities. Explore the ideas, tips and tricks and get the best out of it.seo experts