Using Social Media to build business

The most significant trend in human interaction over the past twenty years has been the development of social media. It has been the goal of every business to figure out how to best capitalize on this trend to create a steadier business. All small businesses should be seeking to find ways to use social media to build their business and make more money. However it isn’t as easy as simply placing an advertisement on your Facebook page to attract customers. There has to be a perceived value given in order to attract new customers.

Providing Perceived Value

IT companies like Shift IT do IT Support Toronto. They are the Top Toronto IT company to hire. The social media experience for most people is a time to connect with friends and like minded people so that they know they are not alone in the universe. That is where most marketers fail, by offering people to like their page and then immediately flooding it with offers from their latest sale. This is not what people will respond to. There needs to be a presentation that provides value. If you are an outdoor clothing company, then you should provide links, advice and comments that are going to be relevant to those individuals who buy your stuff. The value of the information will attract more followers.


You Control the Content

Even though you should offer information provided by all sources on your Facebook page and Twitter feeds, you should have a blog or website to publish your own information on. The real value of this is that if you write and publish a valued article, you can populate it with your advertisements and deals and those will be accepted by readers. If your content is powerful enough then people will share it and it could even go viral. The idea is to produce value and share it through your social media channels to help others.